Your No Nonsense Guide to Becoming an Independent Consultant

Consulting offers the opportunity to ditch the nine to five and take more control of your own life. You will put your skills to effective use and achieve greater job security by diversifying your income streams. 

This is your guide to establishing a consultancy business - developing a network, landing clients and hitting your goals for personal development. You, however, must first identify if you are ready to step out of corporate life and into the world of independent consulting.


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In this free guide you will learn how to:

Build Your Network

Learn how to master your first meetings, leverage existing contacts, use LinkedIn properly and get the help you need to start your practice. 

Learn the Skills Required to Impress

Guidance on how to best sell your advice by being generous, asking the right questions at the right time and making the most out of your research

Develop a Structure and Close Deals

Advice on how to get your pricing right, set short & long term goals, write project proposals to effectively close deals.